Manual Checkweigher Software

Increased productivity and accurate weight control

Factories using our software have reported a marked increase in productivity since the installation of our Manual Check-Weigh Software.


  • On-Scale filling of product
  • Automatic download of user configurable limits from PC database.
  • Auto-detects pack removal. No action is required by the operator to capture weight.
  • Product selection from scale, PC, or handheld terminal
  • Increases productivity, improves accuracy and reduces overfill
  • Continuous monitoring of pack weightsand optimisation of limits to ensure optimal compensation for filling errors such as user bias and product variation
  • Suitable for Average Weight, Minimum Weight and SPC products.
  • Each operator performance is visible on the Supervisor’s PC.
  • Real Time information available on local and networked PC’s
  • Manages multi – product packing
  • Up to 128 scales controlled from one PC.
  • Suitable scales need not be of one type.
  • Comprehensive, real-time reports covering pre-set or free-choice periods.
  • Software proved in over 200 industries including food, drink, chemicals and textiles


Optional additional MCI Myrias software modules include:

  • MCI Myrias Quality attribute monitoring with AQL warnings and quarantine recording
  • MCI Myrias Traceability for Lot, Batch and other identifiers
  • MCI Myrias Production Planning
  • MCI Myrias Human Resources Management
  • MCI Myrias Stock Management and Rotation for stores and WIP
  • MCI Myrias Coding Management and Date Code verification
  • MCI Myrias Despatch Picking


  • Quick and easy access to required results
  • Pack and Tare results available by shift, day or period
  • Graphical reports – Histogram, Trend and Control
  • Real time display of current production
  • Raw Data Summary of each individual sample
  • Time base and zoom facility for trend graph
  • Real time display of Production count by operator against target
  • User editable tabular reports
  • Bespoke reports if required

MCI Myrias Manual Check-Weigh software is just one module in a suite covering many aspects of manufacture. In total, over thirty integrated software modules are available to record, control and report on every aspect of procurement, planning, production and despatch. MCI Myrias has a record of reducing manufacturing costs in almost every field of application.