Remote Training

Remote training via Zoom is available.


Customer On-Site Training

MCI workshops focus on the use of Myrias line software in Trading Standards compliance, giveaway minimisation and line management. Sessions deliver the benefit of MCI's over 30 years of experience with installed process software in hundreds of pack line applications. These workshops reinforce the users understanding of our data acquisition modules supporting production, planning, procurement and traceability throughout the process industry and enhance best practice through interaction with our specialists and other users.


  • Trading Standards
  • Giveaway Minimisation
  • Process Line Management and Reporting

Workshop Format

Workshops are single day events to be run on consecutive days. Sessions will be formed in response to user demand and will be conducted in a small group format with a maximum of 6 to 8 participants. The day format starts at 09:00 and ends at 16:00 with breaks for coffee and lunch included. Certificates of training on Myrias/PlantPower/PacKing use in Trading Standards compliance etc. will be issued to participants. Q & A and discussion of the material in each session is designed to bring value producing methods and practice into focus. Bring your issues.