Software Modules 

A Solution for Every Process

Myrias software has over 100 modules covering virtually every business requirement. This extensive modular system can be tailored and expanded to meet future business requirements, from the production area to back-office functions.

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General Software Functions

Myrias modules have a wide range of functions that can be implemented across many sectors, from manufacturing and production to distribution and farming. Common functions of Myrias include (but are not limited to):

Abort & Ignore

Records an Operator's reasons for departing from standard procedures.

Bar Code Reader

Identifies product and links to appropriate procedures

Bill of Materials

Tabulates all formulations for raw material calculations for production planning, costings and procurement purposes


Records all packs from automatic dynamic checkweigher

Container Log

Quantifies and characterises suppliers' packaging and containers

Customer Service Reports

Instantaneous reports for management to assess customer levels as per delivery notes and orders in house

Date Code Check
Checks operator-entered date against current correct date

Events/ Defect Log
Procedure for recording up to 100 events related to the line

Goods In/Out
Stores front end for checking delivery and despatch

Hygiene (HACCPS)
Set up of schedules with exception reporting

Controls multi-ingredient packages to total package declared weight

Inventory Control
Reports on all raw materials and finished products with date of purchase, delivery and manufacture

Line Log
Monitors and reports on various aspects of line efficiency

Metal Detector
Records individual pass/fail results from link to metal detector

OEE (Overall Effective Efficiency)
Real time measurement of line availability, downtime, output and quality giving live monitoring for benchmarking purposes

Order Forecasting
Historical database of material usage for operational personnel to forecast and plan the ordering of raw materials

Order Creation
Creation of a supplier's order


Provides overall assessment of attributes with AQL control


Procedure for the control, isolation and disposal of defective products


Ensures multi-ingredient products are formulated to required specification

Stock Ingredients
Enables quality aspects of ingredients to be evaluated against set criteria

Stock Order Picking
Collecting stock to make up order and printing of delivery note

Materials acceptance, priority, storage and audit trail

Records and controls non-weight variables e.g. temperature, speeds, etc. 


Monitors line yields, productivity, work in progress and wastage simultaneously