About MCI

MCI Systems was founded in 1988 by Paul Gilbert, a former Production Manager with Unilever. The original software system was created to provide a solution that ensured manufacturers not only complied with what was then new Average Weight Legislation, but also that the pack overfill was controlled to a minimum, to impact on bottom line profitability.

Since then, working closely with a number of our customers, our software system has been vastly expanded and developed. It now offers an extensive and comprehensive range of modules under the product name MCI Myrias.

Previously called 'PacKing' and 'HarvestKing' the product was renamed to better reflect its myriad uses and applications, as well as its modular structure.

The MCI Team

Our staff has over 120 years combined experience and expertise in computing including 20 years in database development and management with the Civil Service. Amongst other things we have worked on manufacturing processes, design applications, installations, relevant legislation and field applications.

This extensive knowledge means that we are able to advise potential, new and current customers on the optimum possible and feasible solutions to your problems and to ensure that our software is used to the best possible advantage.

Other staff experience includes Senior Quality Management in ICI and close collaboration with the Statistical Consultant to the Board of Trade (1979 Weights and Measures Act).

Our team is made up of members who have worked at MCI Systems for between three to 30 years and includes six technical staff with qualifications from across a wide range of subjects:

  • BSc Chemical Engineering
  • BSc Joint Maths and Computing
  • MMath Mathematics
  • Diploma in Statistics
  • BSc Physics
  • BSc Cybernetics and Control Engineering
  • BSc Mechanical Engineering

MCI Systems is a registered Sage professional developer for SAGE. MCI Systems is a Microsoft Registered Partner.