Software Packages 

Because Myrias is a modular software platform, facilities of every size can customize their software system to fit their unique processes. Myrias provides better control of your operations, which can create cost savings.



Small Enterprises

Smaller businesses can purchase a smaller software package that includes only the modules your operations specifically require, without sacrificing the functionality. As your business grows, you can easily expand your Myrias system to meet your evolving needs.

Medium Enterprises

Myrias modules can be fully integrated with existing systems to bring real-time process data to operators, allowing you to identify areas that can be optimized. Simplify data reports and ensure full traceability of materials as they enter your facility and as products are prepared for distribution.

Large Enterprises

Large enterprises can use versatile, customizable Myrias software throughout the entire business process. By starting with a standard Myrias software package and working with our expert developers, you receive a customized solution to meet the specific needs of your operation.

Myrias Core

Myrias software consists of a core database module and application-specific modules. The core module collects data, processes reports and controls additional similar functions. The Myrias core appropriate for your application is determined by the number of devices you’ll be collecting data from.

Myrias Standard Core Module

Up to 20 Devices

Myrias Pro Core Module

Up to 40 Devices

Myrias Enterprise Core Module

Up to 120 Devices

Myrias Enterprise SQL Core Module

SQL Core for larger and more complex systems