Software Reports 

Myrias software is a data capture system that monitors, controls and provides information. Reports are generated in charts, tables, summaries and more, depending on individual business needs.


Real-time Data

Reports can be generated in real-time to show up-to-date data on material stock levels, finished goods stores and any work in progress for different departments connected to Myrias. Additionally, summary reports of manufacturing yield, waste and rework can help you identify areas for optimization.  


Multiple Access Points

Reports can be run both locally and remotely via a WAN (Wide Area Network) so data can be accessed and viewed from other plants or at a head office in real-time.

Audit Trail

In addition to displaying real-time data to multiple users, each Myrias software module stores archived data that can be retrieved in report, chart and table format.


Myrias offers over 500 reporting options across all modules. Reports can be generated based on a range of criteria, including product, shift, time period, line/filler and more. Our team can also create custom reports for your unique business needs.