Powerful Integrated Software Solutions

Myrias modular software provides full process control, monitoring and automation for a variety of business operations. By capturing and reporting weight and process data along every point of production, Myrias provides full product traceability.

Integrated process software can help reduce costs, maintain product quality, provide material traceability and ensure regulatory compliance—all with full customization. Utilize Myrias to easily start and stop jobs, instantly access live reports and review KPI data. Reports can be generated in real-time locally or remotely for data access from multiple locations.

With a proven track record of monitoring, recording and controlling all aspects of your business, Myrias provides traceability for everything from incoming materials to outgoing products.

Myrias Empowers Customers Around the World

Myrias is currently running in over 3,200 installations in Europe, North America, Middle-East, Africa and Australia. We have successfully provided solutions for UK-based companies and international corporations.


Benefits to Your Business

  • Traceability of all material
  • Control of weights to relevant legislation
  • Monitoring and control of quality
  • Material stock control
  • Analysis of yield and waste
  • Advanced reporting facilities
  • Productivity data to identify downtime causes
  • Simple data management
  • Accurate expense records

Benefits of a Modular System

  • Straightforward operation
  • Modular software allows for staged installation
  • Standard package ensures fast delivery times
  • In-house development team for customization
  • Connects to a wide variety of process equipment
  • Real-time reporting for rapid reaction and control
  • Interfaces with many third-party software packages

Myrias software can help optimize production lines by limiting overfill, which can improve quality and efficiency. It can also simplify compliance with legislative requirements to meet current best practices as determined by governing organizations. Improved product quality and simplified compliance can also improve customer loyalty for your business.


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