Software Integrations 

Myrias software can link to a wide range of hardware and software systems, including:

  • Scales, balances and checkweighers
  • Dynamic checkweighers and weigh-price-labelers
  • In-line coders
  • PLCs
  • Test instruments
  • Data terminals
  • Filling machines
  • Metal detectors

Hardware Requirements

Myrias software can be used with any hardware brand and integrated with existing legacy systems. It’s also available in multiple languages and can be installed on a standalone Windows PC or run from a central server with network-connected workstations. Myrias can be fully integrated into your existing software, IT infrastructure and business systems.

Data Traceability

Choose from a SQL database or Myrias’ proprietary file-based database, or utilize both to store and process information. Easily integrate Myrias with third-party ERP and MRP systems including Navision, SAP and other in-house systems. File-import capability from third-party systems simplifies data integration from existing software systems to Myrias.

Third-party Software Integration

Our software can be integrated with multiple third-party systems to provide product configuration, BOM, planning, stock, purchase orders, sales orders and other information. These third-party systems include accounting packages such as SAP, Sage and Opera, as well as Microsoft products and custom systems.