William Grants and Sons, Scotland

Whisky Distillery - Quality and Average Weight System

Established in 1887, family-owned William Grant & Sons is a premium spirits company with a portfolio of award-winning brands that are enjoyed worldwide with brands such as Glenfiddich, Grant’s, The Balvenie, Hendrick’s Gin and Sailor Jerry.

The company's leading single malt Scotch brand is Glenfiddich, the best-selling brand in the worldwide single malt Scotch market (700,000 cases/year and 17.37% market share). This is more than the sales of the next two single malts combined. Their leading blended Scotch brand is Grant's, the 4th best-selling brand in the worldwide blended Scotch market and the Scotch market as a whole (4 million cases/year). Grant's is also the 4th best-selling brand in the domestic United Kingdom Scotch market (420,000 cases/year and 14.6% market share).

Before contacting MCI Systems through, their Quality processes were all collected on paper and only reported historically after each day.

In association with Avery Weigh-Tronix, MCI Systems installed a Myrias Quality and Average Weight Checkweighing system that conformed to a number of world wide legislations including European and Japanese legislations. They had their old reports recreated within Myrias and these reports can be run for the desired time frame and then printed all within a matter of minutes, eliminating the tedious paper trail that they used to need to follow,saving them a lot of time and cost, and keeping all their legislative data within one system.

MCI Myrias software is a modular suite covering many aspects of production. Our integrated modules are available to record, control and report on every aspect of procurement, planning, production, quality control and despatch. MCI Myrias has a record of reducing costs in every field of application.

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