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MCI Myrias Filling Line, Checkweigher modules

Unilever UK have been using the MCI Myrias Filling Line and Checkweigher modules (and their forerunners) since 1989 on their washing powder filling lines. The MCI Myrias software has been fully integrated into each filling line using a PLC and Checkweigher. These devices allow the software to monitor the current fill weights on the pack being produced and to adjust the filling head automatically. The software also sets the
checkweighers reject levels automatically whenever the products or tare weight changes.

Enhancements to the system include allowing the system supervisors to amend which control procedures are enabled for individual products in various production line states. Additional monitoring devices have allowed the system to monitor the density of powder being fed into the filling line and to make adjustments to the filling head when that powder reaches the point of fill.

The information collected by the MCI Myrias software is available to any PC on the factory network via the central server. It is also displayed on large overhead LED displays for the line operators to view.


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