TI Automotive – Deeside, Fuel Tanks

TI Automotive employ the MCI Myrias software to trace the assembly and testing of fuel tanks for Land Rover.

The MCI Myrias software generates a unique barcode and label for each tank as it arrives at the assembly stations. This barcode is then used to track the individual tank through each of the six stages of the assembly and testing. The MCI Myrias software has interfaces with each piece of testing equipment so that each test performed on a tank can be logged against the tanks barcode.

The MCI Myrias software also has operator terminals with barcode scanners at each stage so that the operators can inform the software which tank they are building/testing. The MCI Myrias software then informs the operator of any previous test performed on the tank and provides build, rework, or scrap instructions for that tank.

The MCI Myrias system prints a results label for each tank so that when the tank is installed in the vehicle its full test history is available. This allows Land Rover to log which tank is installed in which vehicle. The information logged by the MCI Myrias system is stored so that if a tank is queried after installation a full test history can be generated including test results and any reworking.


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