Shackleford Mushrooms

MCI Myrias Packing & Farming Modules

Shackleford Mushrooms installed the MCI Myrias Packing software modules in their two pack houses in 200X, primarily to reduce the quantity of mushrooms that they were giving away. The MCI Myrias Farming system paid for itself in six weeks by reducing giveaway to less than 1/5th of 1%.

The system controls the two pack houses individually with results collated into a central reporting server. In reverse, configuration changes are made once and reflected across the system.

Shackleford also took advantage of the MCI Myrias Farming module, allowing collection of mushroom picking data along with time and attendance data on mobile (Windows Mobile) devices “in the shed”. These devices are then docked into the manager’s PC to allow reports to be produced on picking rates, time keeping, etc. These figures in turn feed into the calculation of employee pay.

When Shackleford Mushrooms ceased trading, the system was recommended to another grower and transferred to them. It is now in use, equally successfully, at their Suffolk site.


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