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MCI Myrias Quantity, Quarantine & Event modules

MCI Myrias software modules have proved highly successful for a company that produces home cleaning/freshening products that are distributed globally, which has been running the software (and its forerunners) smoothly since 1996.

The company previously used a paper system to record weights that had been sampled to meet the average weight legislation. The paper system was also used to record other related events such as the need to quarantine a batch of products due to a weight failure, or to report a breakage.

MCI Systems installed their MCI Myrias Quantity, Quarantine & Event modules together with hardware across the factory. To reduce the amount of cabling required the customer opted to use fibre optic cables to carry the transmission from serial cables across the production floor and then via serial cables again to local stations. This covered a total of 12 line stations, each with a data terminal & balance.

The installed system helped to reduce overfill, abide by weight legislation, reduce user error & produce consistently accurate results that were automatically digitally archived. It also allowed them to report quickly & efficiently on problems on the line in order to provide a speedy and appropriate resolution.

MCI Systems has worked closely with this customer over the years, including during changes to operational management within the company, by providing ongoing support, maintenance, upgrades, expansions and retraining as the customer’s business needs changed and grew.

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