SciLabware – Stone, Laboratory Glassware

SciLabware are one the world leaders in producing laboratory glassware. They have been using the MCI Myrias software (and it forerunners) in their Calibration Department and Volumetric Flask production since 1999.

In the Calibration Department the MCI Myrias software is used to produce UKAS, as well as their own, calibration certificates for a wide range of laboratory glassware. The software uses UKAS approved high accuracy calculations involving, weight of water, air temperature, pressure, humidity and water temperature to measure the actual volume in calibrated glassware. This information is used to generate individual certificates for a particular vessel giving the actual volume recorded.

In Volumetric Flask production the MCI Myrias software has been used to record and monitor the volume of water dispensed in the production process to ensure the accurate calibration of the flask. In the last two years the system has been upgraded to interface with a new robot production line where automatic recording and water temperature, weights, etc. have replaced manual operations. The system records any data collected against a unique serial number for the flask produced which is etched on the flask using a laser.


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