JW European

JW European (JWE) and MCI Systems worked together to design a software and hardware solution that improves the line operator productivity by guiding operators to pick accurate weights of leaves during the leaf selection, cleansing and packing process.

JWE and MCI agreed upon a solution that is simple for the line operators to use, providing management with complete and accurate weight packing information. With the robust MCI Myrias software platform, a CKS Industrial Terminal, Takeaway Scales with Dini Argeo displays and comprehensive Wi-Fi connectivity, they can monitor productivity improvements and resulting financial benefits.

Dave Birch, Operations Director at JWE, says the system is giving us all the operational benefits that we worked on during the planning process and … “We are delighted with the system. Given the highly specific nature of our process, it is essential we have the functional tools to control the feed of product on to our lines; the MCI Myrias Takeaway Scales do exactly that. Furthermore, we find the system extremely user friendly. This has led to a ‘team buy-in’ from employees at all levels in the factory; operators feel like they have a greater influence on the quality of our products whilst team leaders and managers have continuous access to data from which they can analyse operational efficiencies. Ultimately, the installment of the scales has benefited JWE from a technical, operational and consequently, financial perspective.”