Hadfield Wood Recycling – Animal Bedding

Hadfield Wood Recycling takes waste wood and turns it into a high quality animal bedding. The MCI Myrias software system is used to monitor and control the filling process. This was done by fitting an automated weighing station, which is controlled by a PLC that was programmed and integrated by MCI Systems, on to the end of their filling line.

This weighing station uses in-feed and out-feed gates to allow one bale at a time onto a weighing platform. Each bale is then weighed and compared to a target weight. If the bale’s weight is acceptable the station requests a robot palletiser to remove the bale for stacking. If the bale’s weight is unacceptable the weighing station moves the pack onto a reject conveyor for reworking.

The software also uses the weight recorded to adjust the filling time to ensure the average bale weight is close to the required target weight. A terminal adjacent to the filling machine allows the operator to know the current bale weight, number of bales made and the tonnage packed. Operators can also enter a reason for any line stoppages to allow the supervisor to monitor the operational efficiency of the lines.


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