Cottage Mushrooms ltd, Mushrooms

MCI Myrias Packing Modules Software

Cottage Mushrooms is a large Mushroom packer in North West England. They have three lines, each with 8 scales and an end-of-line check weigher. Originally all production control was managed by these check weighers and summary reports were provided at the end of a batch.

MCI Systems installed a central control PC and networking infrastructure to each of the three lines. All production is now recorded and controlled via this PC running MCI Myrias Packing software modules and the packers pack to the lights on the scales (also controlled by the PC). The MCI Myrias Packing system has both improved packing speed and reduced give away.

The summary reports from the three check weighers are now fed directly into the MCI Myrias Packing system which means that the old dot-matrix printers are no longer required. Rothwells also use the system to prevent packers recycling the same pack: if a pack of the same weight is weighed on the same scale successively an alarm is shown on the control PC.


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