Average Weight Packhouse Solution

With compact traffic light scales and optimizing software for Waitrose supplier of Raspberries, Gooseberries and Cherries.

MD Robert Simpson had a simple brief. A reliable, simple, robust and flexible wireless European Average Weight Legislation packing solution with compact scales for his Packhouse that integrates with his field data system for full traceability. He was very pleased with the solution that we installed.

The MCI Solution was to supply the ‘Shortie’ version of its acclaimed AJA DP Traffic Light Check scale, with WiFi built in. This is networked with the MCI Myrias Pack Weight Optimising Software with a unique Operator feature. The DP scale displays by number exactly + or— individual fruit need to be added or taken away form the punnet. An error free system. At the same time Myrias in the background runs Average weight optimising correcting scale tolerances in real time to minimise give away.

To complete the installation, MCI also installed on site the Myrias Handheld Harvest module for labour recording in the field, and an MCI Otter Clocking Machine. This allowed recording and tracing every tray of fruit picked in the field to the packing line. MCI also integrated the system with their Sage 50 payroll software to transfer workers hours, pay and bonuses.

MCI Myrias software is a modular suite covering many aspects of production. Our integrated modules are available to record, control and report on every aspect of procurement, planning, production, quality control and despatch. MCI Myrias has a record of reducing costs in every field of application.